pdf, post-op for Medium Depth TCA Peel Instructions


Medium Depth TCA Peel Instructions


1.      Wear comfortable clothes. Do not wear makeup.

2.      When you arrive, you will be given 2-3 medications(pills) that you take prior to the peel.  You will also be given a package of facial products and prescriptions to use at home after your peel. We will give you everything you need.

3.     Topical anesthetic cream will be applied. This will need to stay on at least 30 minutes prior.


1.      Two peeling solutions will be applied to your face, one section at a time. Each  application will feel very hot for 2 minutes and then subside. We will use fans and ice water to make you as comfortable as possible.



It takes most patients 6-8 days to peel. You will look the worst days 3-4. Your skin will be pink 2-7 days following the peel. Makeup can be applied after if desired. I prefer Mac Studio Fix powder applied with a big brush or Estee Laudee Maximum Coverage.

Day 1 (Day you had peel)

1.      Wash face in the evening with Cetaphil cleanser, apply Bacitracin ointment to damp skin.

Day 2 & 3

1.      Wash face with Cetaphil and apply Bacitracin. Do in the morning and evening.

2.      Take Prednisone 1 pill at 8:00am, 1 pill at 12:00 noon.   Take Valtrex at 8:00am.

Day 4 &5

1.      Take Prednisone 1 pill at 8:00am and  Valtrex  at 8:00am.

2.      Start soaks: Clean sink well, fill with warm water and add 1/2 tsp. of plain salt. Rinse face intermittently for 20 minutes to keep your skin wet for 20 minutes. Soaking helps skin to flake off. No picking! Let skin come off when it wants to.

3.      Apply Elta Creme, Aquaphor, or Vaseline.  Nothing else!

Day 6-8

1.      Wash face with Cetaphil.

2.      Apply bland moisturizer and makeup if desired.

3.      Start bleaching if instructed to do so.