pdf, Cosmetic Procedures & Products for AntiAging

Cosmetic Procedures & Products for AntiAging

Products for home use;
am: . Step 1- Potent Antioxidant   —  SkinCeuticals Vit C/E/Ferulic Serum , $109.00

Step 2 – w/Zinc Oxide Sunblock– Elta MD or Skinceuticals or Elite Antiaging Sunblock , $25.00

pm:   Step 1-  Potent Retinoid  —  Dr. Dobry’s 5 or 6 ingredient Prescription Wrinkle Cream
by Prescription Only for established patients .  $59.00
or Retinol 0.5-1.0% pads or lotion. ,  $55-69.

Step 2-  w/  Skin Lightening Product (Hydroquinone, Kojic Acid, Glycolc Acid)
2-10% Bleach Pads (contains HQ, Kojic Acid, Vit C, CoQ10) ,  $65-85
or  SuperBleach Cream Rx (6%HQ & Retin A) ,  $68.00
or Fade Gel, sponge applicator, for maintenance (2% HQ, Glycolic & Kogic Acids) ,  $44.00
or  5-10% Glycolic/2% Salicylic Acid pads (better for acne scarring pigmentation) , $27-37
plus once weekly Derm Needle Roller for deep penetration of scarring & wrinkles.  $29.00

In Office Procedures :


Superficial (for superficial wrinkles, leathery or crepey skin, uneven pigmentation, enlarged pores & acne scarring) light
chemical  peel (Jessners and/or 10-20% TCA–face, neck chest) , $99
Add back/hands/lower arms,  add $30
liquid nitrogen to brown spots , add $30
Power Peel  (20-25% TCA) , $150-199
Deeper (for deeper wrinkles esp. mouth area  and deeper acne scarring):
(New!) Resurfacing Peel  (Fractionated Micro Needle Tx w/ TCA peel) ,  $199
“Classic Medium Depth Peel” Jessners/35% TCA peel ,  $495

Fillers:  (For deeper wrinkles and loss of volume in cheeks)

Hylauronic Acid Fillers :  Juvederm,  Perlane, and  Restylane.
Juvederm Plus (lips, mouth wrinkles, nasal labia & facial wrinkles,1.0 cc) , $450
Perlane (deep folds & cheekbone fullness, 0.3cc / 0.7cc /1.0cc) , $299/$399/$499
Restylane (under eye circles, lips,0.1cc/0.3cc/0.7cc/1cc) ,  $99/$275/$299/$399
~for only Lip Augmentation, customized to the patients needs.  $290-$450
Calcium Based Microspheres :  Radiesse Volumizer.,
Radiesse  (deep nasal labial  folds & to lift cheeks,1.5cc / 3.0cc) , $450/$639
Poly-L-lactic acid ;   Sculptra  (not a quick fix, takes 3 treatments over 4-6 months but lasts several years!)
builds your own collagen for an all  over facial softening & volumizing).  Great for men & women!
(1/2 bottle /1 bottle /2 bottles) , $439/$639/$999

NonFiller Injections:

LipoDissolve;   Injection Fat Reduction.  (slow Liposuction)
Phosphatidyl/Choline (Soy like product)   for jowls, heavy jaw & turkey neck
(1st Tx./ repeat Tx’s) , $259/$199
Botox or Dysport.
1 area requires 20 units Botox or 60 units Dysport.  (Different areas that can be treated: 1–across top of  forehead , 2–frown between brows, 3–both crow’s feet.
These areas require less then full area dose: 1–grouchy mouth lines, 2–upper neck bands,
3–Nefertiti jawline)
Botox   {10-20% in office discount for repeat Tx’s done within 1 year},
(1area/2areas/3areas) , $289/$459/$619
Laser: VariLite Laser:
Treats small blood vessels, cherry angiomas, dark brown spots & moles ,  $150-$250
Sclerotherapy:  $299/25 mins.session



Websites for more information
Botox – www.botox.com or Botox yourself with this link and a photo of yourself at

Sculptra – www.SculptraAesthetic.com
Juvederm – www.juvederm.com or Juvederm Visualizer at
Restylane & Perlane –  www.restylaneUSA.com   Radiesse – www.radiesse.com,