Micro Needle Peel

Micro Needle Peel

Micro Needle Peel is the latest treatment offered in our office.  We introduced this procedure on February 2012 and  since,  I have performed this procedure over 500 times.  I combine a new treatment Dermapen or MicroNeedle with an old treatment TCA peel (used for 170 years) .

This procedure improves leathery skin, wrinkles, scarring, stretch marks, and thick sebaceous type of Rosacea.  The results are achieved with a series of micro punctures of tiny needles (thickness of a hair), which creates micro-channels into the dermis leaving the epidermis relatively intact (little need to hide out).   Over the next several months after each procedure, collagen and elastic tissue are produced to smooth and tighten the skin.  This works because of the following series of events occurring in the microscopic dermal layers of the skin;  needle puncture results in microscopic bleeding which floods the area with platelets (Platelet Derived Growth Factor, PDGF), many  growth factors, cytokines, fibroblasts, elastin and proteoglycans.   A matrix of type III collagen and elastic tissue starts to form at 3 weeks and continues for 6 months which results in thicker skin.   Starting 3 months after procedure to 10 months,  that type III collagen converts to type I collagen to cross-link causing the skin tightening.  This entire process is augmented by applying a chemical peel immediately after needling to induce further inflammation thus more results.

A series of 3 to 10 Micro-Needle Peels are performed monthly to achieve the desired final results.   Each treatment requires the depth of the needle to be adjusted to the area of the face treated and the depth of the problem treated.  Crows feet are only 0.5 mm but deep acne scarring and wrinkles, especially on the lips, are up to 2.5 mm.  The Dermapen adjusts from 0.5mm to 2.5mm and easily treats hard to get areas such as eyelids, lips and ear lobes.   Each treatment will go deeper with a stronger acid peel applied.  The number of procedures required depends on the severity of the problem and the healing properties of each individual patient.

The procedure takes about 10 minutes.  An anesthetic cream is applied to the entire face and neck region.  The needle will be passed over the entire skin from 3 to 5 passes.  This procedure does not hurt.  After 1 pass, the anesthetic absorbs quickly.  There is also no discomfort when the chemical peel is applied because of the anesthetic.  You may be pink from 1 to 24 hours.  A sunblock will be applied before you leave after which makeup can be applied.   Most people can go back to normal activity the same day.

The price is $199/ treatment and can be combined with other treatments performed at the time of your office visit.

Stretch Marks, before and after

Wrinkles, before and after

Acne scarring, before and after

Acne Scarring, before and after

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