NEW! Skinfinity RF for Wrinkle Ablation, Acne Scars and Skin Tightening

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This procedure can be done any where on the body to treat lose wrinkled skin; face, neck & chest, arms, legs and lose stomach. Only 1 – 2 days of hiding out for the face depending on how deep and strong the treatment performed.  Makeup can be applied immediately.  You will be red the first 2 days.  Most patients have dry looking skin with flaking from day 3 to 5.  The first 2 nights, Aquaphor or plain vaseline or my favorite – Destin 40% zinc oxide paste, should be applied at bedtime.  That is it.

Prices $400-$1,500/ treatment, 1-3 treatments performed.  You have to purchase your own electrode ($150) which can be used for all your future treatments.  A treatment is performed every 2 months for a moderate depth treatment.  The heavy treatment is usually done only once.  If a second treatment is desired, then it is repeated in 6 months.  Jennifer perfoms the moderate depth treatments, Darcy Duffin or I perform the moderate and deep treatments.

Unlike laser, there is no risk of pigment change which is why it is great for any part of the body.  Skinfinity RF does 2 different things at once.  It ablates (vaporizes wrinkly, leathery and uneven skin color and texture) and at the same time sends deep into the skin radio frequency waves to tighten and promote future collagen growth.  It can be a little painful so 60 minutes of numbing prior is recommended.  There is no pain after.  Patients who pigment easily from sun will have to use our bleaching pads immediately after for 1 month ($~70).  Zinc oxide sunblock should be used everyday.  We have a brand new sunblock that is fantastic, chemical free, no shine, no irritation.  Men, women and kids will love this sunblock and it especially formulated for Rosacea complexions.

Radio Frequency has been performed for over 30 years.  Because the technology has advanced so much recently, I feel confident that this procedure is the best out there for any part of the body, great results with minimal downtime and very safe.

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