How to lose weight permanently and the feel great!


You simply must eat as humans evolved to eat for the last million years.  Your body was built to eat certain foods.  If you eat too much sugar (your body sees carbohydrates as sugar), you will release insulin which at the cellular level turns on the bad genes in your cell which make cholesterol, fatty acids, increases inflammation, and clearly promotes cancer.

In true paleo diets (before any grains or rice), we ate 2 tablespoons of sugar a year.  Today, in the US, we eat 3 tablespoons every day!  We didn’t evolve to eat this way.  Your body sees the excess sugar as toxic and immediately pushes it out of your cells and blood stream into your fat cells.  I first saw evidence of this about 25 years ago while doing a medical rotation in Papua New Guinea.  At the time, the natives in the country lived and ate just as they had since 200,000 years before; meat, fish, root vegetables, and berries.  No rice at all.  While I was there, they had never experienced heart attacks, diabetes, obesity, cavities and none of the typical inflammatory skin conditions (acne, psoriasis, eczema).  I had already tried Dr. Atkins Diet (very low carb diet) several times and knew acne cleared up, I had much more energy after I got use to the diet, lost weight and no gut issues at all.  I have a friend who visits islands north of Figi: some eat rice some are true paleo.  The islands with rice – obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, cavities, but the islands without rice none of these diseases and none of them are overweight.  My daughter is now a third year medical student at Harvard and has sent me talks on this subject and true paleo (and probiotics) are becoming huge again (Spreadbury link below).

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I was a chemist before I went to medical school at age 27.  I always ask when learning about a disease, why do problems develop at the cellular level? It was not until recently with the explosion of Molecular Chemistry, that we are learning who all the players are inside the cell and how everything works inside the cell.  There are thousands of players, so many new names that they all are named with letters and numbers.  The chart below shows the basic players.

Complicated graph on what is happening at the cellular level:  cellular_metabolism

This graph scared me too when I first saw it but the reason why I am showing it is to prove why the insulin release from the carbs we eat is so dangerous for us.  The AMPK signaling graph on the top right shows insulin turns on pathways on the right side of the cell turns on bad pathways; increases inflammation, cancer, and causes our body to make cholesterol, fatty acids, and us to increase our fat stores, especially around the gut.  If you are getting a big gut, you are eating too many carbs.  It is as simple as that.  Remember in primitive societies who eat no carbs, they have a slim waist no matter how old they are.  Also remember, they eat only 2 tablespoons of glucose a year and we eat 3 tablespoons a day!

An excellent Ted talk by Cynthia Kenyon showing through science, that low carb diets extend life:   

Being true low carb, true paleo is very difficult but so much easier than it was a few years ago.  Basically, you must count carbs, everyday and always until it becomes second nature.  You strive for only 20 to 30 carbs the entire day.  If you don’t,  you are not eating as nature intended.  Why so strict?  Because you do not want to release ANY insulin.  Even 5 carbs in one meal for some people stimulate the release of insulin to be released, especially if you are over 50 (over 40 for Asians).  If you release insulin, you are making cholesterol, bad inflammatory mediators that make you feel stiff and achy, stimulating cancer and you to gain fat.

If you are use to high carb diet, I do not recommend you go cold turkey.  Decrease your carb intake slowly.  First give up all sweets.  These are the most addicting but even after a few days, you won’t be thinking about snacking on them.  Notice you crave sweets the same time each day.  It is no accident.  After a few weeks, give up bread, cereal (including oatmeal) pasta, and pizza.  After another few weeks, give up all grains; wheat, corn based products, rice, quinoa (high carb), and also potatoes.  Eventually start counting your carbs daily.  Eat meats (grass-fed if possible), seafood, nuts, root vegetables and other low carb vegetables and berries.

Here are 2 low carb bread and muffin recipes:  Best Gluten Free Bread. pdf ,   Dr. Dobry’s Best Low Carb, Gluten-Free Sandwich Bread (Revised for muffins).

Another trick to weight loss is to practice intermittent fasting every day, that is for 12 hours, zero calories from 7 pm to 7 am, especially – zero carbs.  Alcohol is cheating.  The first 6 hours you will use up all your insulin in your blood stream, the nest 6 hours, you will secrete Glucagon – fat burning hormone.  You will notice after a few days your appetite decreases and you will lose weight more quickly.

The goal for eating this way is a permanent life style change, not quick weight loss.  If you fall of the wagon, just restart counting carbs.  It will take a few days for you to stop thinking about eating all the time and for your appetite to decrease, but it will.

I have observed patients over the years try to lose weight with full body liposuction, Lap Band, stomach stapling, diet pills, etc.  They always gain the weight back eventually because they are not eating as nature and millions of years of evolution intended.  For permanent weight loss, low carbs.

This has become a popular topic as many of my patients are interested in our new Cool Sculpturing machine we have that can permanently remove fat.  The problem is that if you don’t change the way you eat, it is simply a waste of time so I am pushing them learn to eat healthy, permanently.  Hopefully this article will help.

To monitor improvement as you follow this lifestyle change, measure your base line medical information: weight, waist measurement, blood pressure, labs (can do yourself at – fasting glucose and cholesterol,  and c-reactive protein.  Recheck in 6-8 weeks.  Will already see an improvement!

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