Injection Lipolysis

Injection Lipolysis

A younger face is oval in shape with a smooth tight jawline and full, high cheeks due to the fullness of the fatty layer under the skin.  As part of the aging process, we lose fat from the upper cheeks, which then become hollower and instead deposit the fat in the lower part of the face – above the nasal labial folds, along the jawline and in the upper neck.  This spoils the smooth contour of the jawline and results in a much squarer and heavier appearance to the lower part of the face which considerably ages our appearance.

There are several effective surgical techniques to effectively reduce localized pockets of subcutaneous fat on the face and neck, including facelift and liposuction.  There is now a non-surgical option that can easily be done in the office with only injections using the very smallest needle available.  Furthermore, this method not only can dissolve some of the fat, it may stimulate some skin tightening through new collagen production. This is particularly useful along the jawline where often a combination of jowl reduction and skin tightening are required to produce the best results and the most youthful appearance.  Though this treatment is not as effective as a facelift, it does provide a more youthful, less “grouchy” looking, prettier heart shaped face – less rectangular shaped face with heavy jowls plus a prettier profile –  at much lower cost without  the complications, downtime and cost of a facelift.  As I always say in my practice, it is more important to shoot for being prettier than obsess about every wrinkle.  I like this treatment so much I have already performed it twice on myself.

The first day of your treatment you will feel sore and start to swell.  Apply ice for 30 minutes if needed though not required.  All usual activities including wearing makeup and exercise can be maintained while healing.  Swelling lasts 5-10 days. the swelling means it is working. The decrease in fat and mild tightening will start in 3 weeks and continue for 8 weeks.  The next treatment is done 6-8 weeks later.  Two or more treatment sessions will be required.  Avoid aspirin 7 days prior, Ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin) and Alleve 1 day prior.  If you think you are allergic and swell from soy products, I can skin test you first.  Usually at least 3 treatments are needed with men.  They require more treatments then women.  The injections are less painful then Botox injections.

$299 1st treatment, $199 for repeat treatment in 8 weeks.

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