Radiesse provides immediate results with very little down time. The procedure is done with a topical numbing cream and ice.  In addition,  the Radiesse itself contains 2% lidocaine so discomfort is mild.  There is no pain after the procedure.  You may have some bruising after.  It is a safe and reliable product that can provide mini face lift with cheek bone enhancement, improves nasal labial folds, marionette lines, hallow cheeks and lifts any depressed area on the face, providing a rested appearance.  There is also stimulation of your own collagen production, so you will have some mild, permanent improvement.  It is a great product for women and men (who have thicker skin, no pun intended)  because of the instant results, the little down time,  the improvement  lasts for up to 1&1/2 years. There are no scars as in a face lift with a more natural (normal result).  Price is $450 for 1 syringe.  Each syringe contains 1.5 cc of product.

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Before & after photos-

Moderate Nasal Labial Lines, before and after.

Severe Nasal Labial Folds, before and after

Radiesse, marionette lines & nasolabial folds, before and after

Radiesse, treating the lower jawline, before and after

Radiesse, treating chin / chin fold, before and after

Radiesse, Cheekbone Lift, before and after

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