Sculptra Aesthetic ®

SculptraAesthetic ®


SculptraAesthetic is a volume enhancer treatment that can give you back the softness and fullness characteristic of a youthful face.  It softens the face after plastic surgery or severe weight loss and fills in the hills and valleys that begin to develop on our face as we age.

The first hollows appear in our 30s and 40s under the eyes and over the temple areas.  The cheeks and temples lose fullness over the upper face.  The face then appears to drop.  This gives the appearance that “gravity” with age has set in when in actuality, it is simply the loss of fullness and bulk in the upper face that allows nasal labial folds to appear.  As we age further, we then develop hollows over our central cheeks and around the mouth giving us a tired and harsh look.  SculptraAesthetic is the best technique to get back the fullness as the treatment encourages your skin to make its own collagen, which not only feels like your own skin but is your real skin.  This treatment is not a filler but stimulates your own collagen production.  You will get a softer, prettier look.

The ideal youthful looking face is more heart shaped with fullness over the temples, the lateral cheekbones and under the eyes.  Our face becomes more square or eggplant looking shape as we age with heaviness in the mouth and jaw area combined with hollowness over the mid, lateral areas of the giving us a longer face.  Usually a face lift in your 40s and early 50s will not give patients them the look that they are actually after which is a softer, prettier, more rested looking appearance.  As I always tell my patients, your goal should be to look prettier first.  The real problem is the loss of facial fullness over the upper face.  Usually 3 more treatments are needed, 1 to 2 months apart.
SculptraAesthetic is an excellent way to add fullness to thinned skin look and to remove lateral pulling lines that often appear after a face lift.  The mid and lateral cheeks are treated with 2 to 3 treatment sessions.  The sunken, hallow eye look resulting from an aggressive eye lid surgery is also an excellent area for treatment.
The procedure is performed after a strong anesthetic cream has been applied for 1 to 2 hours.  Aspirin should be avoided 2 weeks prior, Advil for 2 days prior.  Arnica (oral form) started 3 days prior also helps.  There will be puffiness over the areas treated for 3 to 5 days.  For women, makeup may be applied as needed.  The face will return to its previous state after the swelling goesdown and the collagen production that will result takes 6 weeks to start to show.  It is 8 weeks after the second treatment for the results just start to show.  Collagen production continues for 6 months after each injection. This procedure requires patience.  After the third  treatment,  3 layers of collagen will be produced.  The patient will really notice significant improvement then. Most patients require 2 to 4 treatments over a 5 to 6 month period for optimal results.  Eighty-five percentage of patients are pleased 13 months after treatment, 80 % 2 years after treatment.

PRICES for SculptraAesthetic are $549  for each treatment after.  

Treatment Areas with Good Results:
-Temples, cheeks to lift the face
-Hallows under the eyes
-Crepey skin over the cheeks
-Hallows around the mouth including nasal labial lines & marionette lines

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