Micro Needle Peel

Micro Needle Peel Micro Needle Peel is the latest treatment offered in our office.  We introduced this procedure on February 2012 and  since,  I have performed this procedure over 500 times.  I combine a new treatment Dermapen or MicroNeedle with an old treatment TCA peel (used for 17

pdf, post-op for chemical peel and Micro Needling

CHEMOEXFOLIATION / DERMA-NEEDLING  POSTOP INSTRUCTIONS What to expect : Redness for ½ hour or more after the treatment.  Makeup can be applied immediately. If you only had a peel without the Micro Dermaneedle, you may develop Saran Wrap looking skin for 1 to 5 days.  Your skin may fee

pdf, post-op for Medium Depth TCA Peel Instructions

  Medium Depth TCA Peel Instructions Day of SURGERY 1.      Wear comfortable clothes. Do not wear makeup. 2.      When you arrive, you will be given 2-3 medications(pills) that you take prior to the peel.  You will also be given a package of facial products and prescriptions to u