Supplements and Foods to Promote Health so skin GLOWS

Supplements every cell needs to be healthy.  Most people do not get enough of these nutrients in a typical western diet so they are often tired and not in the best health possible.

1. Vitamin D3- 5,000 units/day. (check 25-Hydroxy Vit D levels in 3 months,  ideal blood levels are in the 70s).

2. Flax Seed Flakes-2 tablespoons/day & Flax Seed Oil capsules-1000mg/day.

3. CoEnzyme Q10 – 200 mg/day (important if you are on any medications, especially cholesterol lowering agents, hormones or any other medications that inhibit your liver from synthesizing CoQ10).  CoEnzyme Q 10 is vital for energy production in every cell of your body.

4. Eat lots of Antioxidants; berries, vegetables, garlic, beans, spices and many others.  Eat a variety of them and eat organic if you can.  They taste better too.

The link below shows the orac level (antioxidant) for most foods (listed orac value is per 100 grams or about 3.5 ounces).

This link explains why high orac supplements may not be as good as eating the whole food.

5. I am a big believer in ProBiotics to decrease gas, regulate irritable bowel, and help you break down and digest your food.  They also prevent yeast infection and decrease colon cancer.  I have only found one really good brand that always works and you only need 1 capsule a day – Natures Way Primadophilus Optima available at Whole Foods ($35 for 2 months).  Most probiotics you take do not make it alive to your intestines where they work.  You will notice results in 3 days with this brand.

Try my suggestions for 1 month.  You will start feeling better in 1 week.  The plan takes 3 months to take full effect (3 years for the full effect on your bones).  What I have noticed for me is increased memory, increase energy, skin looks good for 55, no more irritable bowel anymore, my bone density scans have reversed (I am now in the 30 year old range for bone densities) and I hardly get sick anymore.  You are what you eat!


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