List of Best Skin Secrets from a Skin Expert a Dermatologist

I have been in practice for more than 20 years in La Jolla California taking care of some of the most attractive patients in the world.  I go by results, not by what some cosmetic representative or cosmetic surgeon tells me what to believe.


Before I started medical school at the age of 27 (usually age 22), I worked as a chemist.  I was in graduate school and was working at Sandia National Laboratory in New Mexico for 5 years.  I have always been interested in “beauty secrets” for myself and had the knowledge from my chemistry background to understand what the ingredients were in the skin products I was buying.  I wouldsay, after 35 years of personal experience and my experience as a dermatologist, 90% of products we buy don’t do what they say they will.  More expensive products are often equally useless.


So, for the list of my favorite and time tested skin care tips:

1. Use plain bar soap (Purpose or Basis), at least once a week.  A bar has very few ingredients, will rinse off without leaving a film that causes clogged pores and encourages the growth of bacteria and yeast.  If it is too drying for everyday, use your favorite other days.

2. Use a sunsreen that works.  Eighty percent are ineffective.  Only zinc oxide will effectively block ALL the UVA & UVB rays.  Elta MD and Elite spf 30 will work.

3. Be healthy; eat right (lots of vegetables and fish) and keep away from cigarettes, too much alcohol or sun.

4. Some supplements do help (link) especially fish oils, CoQ10 and Vitamin D3.

5. Products with researched proven anti aging ingredients such as Retin A, high dose retinol, vitamin C, CoQ10, and glycolic acid.  We sell a number of these products or try Roc, available at CVS.

6. Exfoliate once a week with 15-20% glycolic acid or Pretty Feet & Hands (paraffin wax) or rub for 15 seconds with a plain wash cloth.

7. If you feel you need a moisturizer, I love Eucerin Sensitive Facial Skin CoQ10 Anti-Wrinkle Creme.  Do not spend a lot of money on moisturizers.  This one works as well as any others.

8. Get enough sleep!

9. If these suggestions are not enough, see a good Dermatologist for a peel, Botox, etc.  Don’t waste money on “Hope in a Bottle” creams.


I welcome any suggestions from my readers that they have found helpful. Post in the comments section.

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